The Universal Machine electrical assembly and engineering groups represent diverse backgrounds in the electrical control field. The wide range of experience in these two groups give Universal the in-house capability to design control systems that serve all types of industrial clients. We are experienced in systems that range from relay logic to programmable controllers, solid-state interfacing, AC, DC, servo drive systems and robotic systems. Our team continuously keeps pace with the innovations in today’s sophisticated automation and control systems in order to be able to design, build and integrate the most comprehensive array of control systems in the marketplace.

We work closely with the major Programmable Logic Control (PLC) manufacturers including: Allen-Bradley, Modicon, Siemans, Omron and many smaller manufacturers. Plus programming and documentation software for all major manufacturers is consistently maintained to guarantee we are always providing the most current versions to our customers.

The Universal Electrical engineering team provides our customers with the real world experience they need when it comes to designing, integrating and installing state-of-the-art: high-speed inspection, registration, measurement and weight systems. Additionally, our experts are able to custom engineer: self-teach control systems plus data gathering, report generation and diagnostic systems to fulfill client specific needs.

The Universal Machine team of highly-skilled electricians are involved in every step of the assembly process. And they perform the intricate and essential task of wiring all components and then testing the units we build to make sure they meet all client specifications for performance before the final Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) with the client.

No team is more experienced in custom controls for automation than Universal Machine.

Universal Machine customized control systems are integrated in the following industries:

  • Food / Food Processing
  • Beverage / Bottling
  • Biotechnology • Cosmetics / Health & Beauty Care
  • Dairy
  • Household Goods
  • Industrial
  • Inspections / QA Testing
  • Personal Care Products
  • Pharmaceutical

Start your next custom control and/or automation project by contacting the electrical engineering and custom control experts at Universal Machine.

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