Experience, reliability and single source responsibility. It’s the formula that has made Universal Machine and Engineering Corp. the recognized leading integrator for over 4 decades.

Our symbol, Oscar the Octopus, clearly represents that we have many hands. UMEC does everything in house, which means complete control of all aspects of your project. We have our arms around all areas of system integration, including: design, fabrication, assembly, testing, controls, installation, specification, validation, training, and maintenance. Oscar the Octopus also represents our experience, knowledge, and dedication to serve our customers in our facility.

UMEC’s experienced staff of 25 engineers work hand in hand with assembly technicians, machinists, fabricators and electricians to design, fabricate, assemble, test and perform FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) for our customers on the floor.

During the past 40 years, UMEC has performed over 450 successful integrations, the majority of which were for major pharmaceutical companies around the world. Last year alone, UMEC serviced and completed 28 major integration projects. Major Pharmaceutical companies continue to rely on UMEC’s expertise and innovation to keep a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Today, Universal offers a broad range of services, products and engineering excellence to the customers it serves. Our symbol, Oscar the Octopus, clearly represents that we have many arms, arms that represent our, services, experience, knowledge and dedication to our customers. Our arms perform all functions in house – which means complete control of all aspects of the project. We know of no other vendor offering this comprehensive capability.

We encourage you to CONTACT US to schedule a visit to our facility – meet our staff and see the difference between Universal Machine and Engineering Corporation and the competition.




Universal Machine Company’s firm commitment to quality, service and timely delivery extends back to 1945 and a small two-man operation. As the years have passed we have grown in size and increased our capabilities, to build a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of progressive and innovative machinery and systems. Our efforts have created satisfied customers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Today, Universal offers a broad range of services, products and engineering expertise to the customers. Our symbol, an octopus, communicates our excellence in a variety of services (represented by Oscar the Octopus’ arms).

Universal’s highly-trained team of professionals provides economical solution that meet or exceed the requirements specified for all your automation and high-speed packaging needs. We always start by reviewing and thoroughly discussing your drawings and specifications. We also provide consultation on efficiency and quality improvements. Universal Machine works with you to design your system from the beginning, handling every aspect of manufacturing and assembly, plus we provide complete start-up supervision, operator training, and maintenance if desired.

Our sales/engineering staff meet with you at your facility to discuss your specialized needs. The Universal sales/ engineering team is backed by real industry experience and are professionally qualified in the many industries they serve, assuring you that their recommendations are relevant, reliable and informative.

Preliminary meetings are always productive and are conducted with our department heads, who can answer your most specific questions. Price quotations to the most accurate level are submitted, and Universal Machine keeps your budget requirements in mind. Terms will be considered along with deadline commitments in their most realistic form, with no false promises to secure the job.

Universal Machine Company’s commitment to quality and service is complemented by our on-time deliveries and firm guarantee for the work we perform. Our name and logo on the machinery we build for you provide assurance that Universal Machine and Engineering Corporation stands behind our machines and provides the highest quality and design.

  • Reliable
  • Committed
  • Proven Integration Expertise
  • Experienced & Trained
    Craftsmen / Installers
Why Choose Universal Machine
  • Experienced
  • Responsive
  • A Responsible Single Source
  • Dedicated Teams of Engineers
  • Total Project Control




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