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The professional design, engineering and implementation team at Universal Machine has the most extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device design in the industry. Our experts listen to your needs and develop a solution to meet your requirements. Whether it is a new product introduction, packaging line or process automation, we have the experience to get the project done right and to your exacting specifications.

Designing and building a specialized production line, robotic operation, or custom process automation takes skill, planning, and precision from beginning to end. At Universal Machine we have the ability to fully assemble, integrate simulate production for OEE and validate that the systems are to specification prior to installation in your facility. By being able to build a complete solution under one roof and validate it, we are then able to integrate,
implement and install the final solution seamlessly all while minimizing disruption to your everyday business operations.

Pharmaceutical Applications:Universal Machine, Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Tablet Bottling Lines
  • Blister Lines
  • Liquid Filling and Packaging Lines
  • Vial and Syringe Lines
  • Aseptic Filling and Packaging
  • Finished Goods Conveyance
  • Consolidation and Palletizing
  • Labeling and Inspection




Since the beginning Universal Machine & Engineering Corp. has been providing solutions that are engineered for your success. Our team of engineering pros design customized, innovative and efficient solutions for your brand, product or facility. Read More



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Line Integration


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Custom Machine


Universal Machine, Custom Machine Design and Build, Custom Machinery
If your company has a unique assembly or specialized packaging need. The engineering team at Universal Machine is there to develop the solution you need. Just present the problem and we’ll provide the solution to save the day. Read More



Universal Machine is the leader in Biotech Services. Our team’s expertise includes: Factory Acceptance Protocol, Detail Design Drawings, Shop Test Reports, Preventative Maintenance, Panel Layouts, Weld Logs, Schematics and More! Read More